Mission Statement

FamilyWorks Ministries exists to make a positive impact on all families by providing them with invaluable resources and opportunities that will foster growth in their relationship with Christ and each other.

Our Story

Nine years ago, Austin and Sarelle’s marriage was in absolute shambles. Many pastors, counselors and even friends didn’t see a pathway for their marriage to survive. Unfortunately, there seemed to be no hope. Sarelle stated that “it was as if my husband had died.” After making a series of sinful choices, Austin decided to leave his wife and kids with little desire to make things work.

Approximately two months passed with minimal improvement. Sarelle remembers sitting on the couch one evening, and the Lord confirmed in her heart that everything was going to be ok. Sarelle never gave up on Austin in spite of being encouraged to do so by others. She continued to faithfully pray that the husband she loved would get right with the Lord and come home.

One evening Austin recalls sitting in his car struggling with what decision to make next. At the time, Austin only had the clothes on his back and his .38 revolver. Feeling chained by his sin, Austin contemplated taking his own life, but instead, turned in his gun into the local deputy sheriff he used to pastor. As time went by, the Lord began to work on Austin’s heart. After a few months, Austin repented of his sin and returned to his family.

The Lord provided Sarelle with the grace and strength she needed to forgive her husband completely. Austin and Sarelle both acknowledge that the repentance, recovery and restoration process is not a quick and simple process but is possible through the help, hope, and healing that only Christ can offer. Austin and Sarelle have had the privilege of using their ministry background, along with their personal story, to positively impact many couples for Christ. Austin likes to say, “God can take your mess and turn it into a miracle to bring Him glory and bless others.”